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Speaking out on Kashmir and Palestine in the US

Speaking out on Kashmir and Palestine in the US

Yasmin Qureshi, The Electronic Intifada, published 9 November 2010 The United States has become a battleground for both the struggles of the peoples of Palestine and Kashmir, for freedom from military occupation and for justice. Awareness amongst the US public

The Yemeni Toner Cartridge Bomb Story

By GARY LEUPP from Counterpunch Jeff Huber on wrote Monday about the Yemeni toner cartridge bomb story:  “…if there’s a single substantiated syllable in that entire narrative, I have yet to encounter it in the New York Times. In

Civil unrest spreads in Western Sahara

FROM:  Monday, 08 November 2010 22:29 Laayoune is today a city in flames. The Sahara conflict, latent for years, has exploded. The people of the Saharawi, who have spent decades fighting for greater rights in their area, peacefully since