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    AROC was created in 2007, out of the San Francisco Chapter of the American Arab anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC-SF). Founded in 1987, ADC-SF built leadership among the Arab community, defended civil liberties, challenged racial profiling and violence, and mobilized against war and occupation with a commitment to the liberation of Palestine. ADC-SF was active for nearly 20 years, bringing voice to Arab issues and concerns in the Bay Area.

    In 2007, the Collective of ADC-SF formally established AROC. This move signaled a change in the direction of the organization to reflect our new member organizing, legal services, and youth leadership development work.

    Since our founding in 2007, our membership has engaged in work around immigrant and civil rights, and against war, occupation, surveillance and racial profiling. AROC continues to build on the history of Arab organizing in the Bay Area committed to the liberation of all oppressed people, and remains one of the few Arab-led grassroots organizations in the country.