Come Participate in the Oakland Encampment for the 99%

Intifada TentMembers of Arab and Muslim communities have been participating in the Oakland encampment.  Some participated since before Mayor Jean Quan ordered the police to raid and destroy the camp.  We have grown in numbers since that day.*

Now, as of November 1, 2011, we have set up 4 tents in the Oakland encampment at 14th and Broadway (Oscar Grant Plaza).  These tents include the “Intifada Tent”, a Jewish Anti-Zionist tent, a tent for Muslim Sisters, and another tent that is being used by other anti-racist and anti-imperialist allies.

We encourage you to come be a part of this space, stop by anytime.  Bring food or supplies.  Stay and engage in conversations.

We are sharing literature at our tents and making an effort to translate this literature.  Through our presence we want to highlight why we are here.  We also wish to highlight we do not wish to Occupy spaces, but rather to be a part of together liberating spaces.

We are also participating in the General Assemblies of “Occupy Oakland” which happen every evening.

We are participating in the General Strike because just as all of our communities have been impacted economically, we must show the City of Oakland that we will cause an economic impact unless they make changes.

Come find us!  Look for tents with Arab flags and Keffiyehs towards the back of the encampment if you are facing City Hall.

* This note does not represent all those at the Intifada Tent, but is just a quick update written by one camper.

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