Libya, North Africa & the “Middle East” Public Forum

General Meeting & Public Forum


Libya, North Africa & the “Middle East”

Thursday, February 7th


518 Valencia St

San Francisco

With a focus on North Africa, this month’s forum will include a discussion on recent developments in Libya taking into account the historical context and examining imperialism as a determining force in the region. We will hear an on the- ground analysis and report back about Libya, and a geopolitical analysis of the region.


AROC has started a rotating schedule between community potluck socials, and general public forums

on the first Thursdays of the month. Our last two general meetings/public forums were followed by

rich discussions on Syria and Yemen, with themes and analysis building from each event. Our next

forum will focus on North Africa. While the focus is broader in nature, our intent is to zoom out and

talk about the greater geopolitical context and regional influences.