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  • ALL EYEZ ON ME: Race, Muslims & the Surveillance State


    Race, Muslims  & the Surveillance State

    Arun Kundnani

    Sohail Daulatzai

    Nina Farnia

    Hamid Khan


    Race, Muslims & Surveillance State_SF_ 5-14Thursday, May 22nd

    518 Valencia St.
    San FranciscoRecent revelations of the massive surveillance apparatus of the NSA and U.S. government have raised debate around privacy and security, reinvigorating long standing liberal notions about civil liberty violations. While mainstream America is concerned at the extent of government surveillance, there is very little alarm and in fact a great deal of public support for the continued surveillance of Muslim communities as a potential fifth column of “radicalization” and subversion in a post-9/11 climate. This conversation will discuss how fears around “extremism” have impacted diverse Muslim communities (Black, Asian, Arab, etc.), and how this fear has reinvigorated the deeper criminalization of non-Muslim black and brown communities in the U.S. In addition, we will explore these concerns and place them within a longer history of government surveillance such as COINTELPRO, and how these policies and practices today have narrowed the scope of dissent. 

    ·   What role does race play in understanding government surveillance, and how have these policies masked state violence domestically and abroad?

    ·  How have communities challenged these forces historically and how are they doing so today? 


    AROC: Arab Resource & Organizing Center & Lighthouse Mosque


    American Muslims for Palestine, Arab Muslims Ethnicities and Diasporas Program– SFSU, Bay Area Committee to Stop Political Repression, Cause Justa: Just Cause, Center for Political Education, Critical Resistance, Freedom Archives, National Lawyers Guild-SF, Race & Resistance Studies–SFSU, Stop LAPD Spying Coalition

     www.araborganizing.org | info@araborganizing.org

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