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  • Announcement and Actions in Support of SF Resolution on “Freedom Flotilla and Blockade on Gaza”
  • Announcement and Actions in Support of SF Resolution on “Freedom Flotilla and Blockade on Gaza”

    AYO members testifying

    On June 9th, 2010, San Francisco City Supervisors John Avalos and Sophie Maxwell introduced a historic resolution for human rights condemning Israel’s attack aboard the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, and calling for President Obama to work to end the siege on Gaza.

    This resolution was authored as a result of over 50 people showing up to the Board of Supervisors meeting with just 24 hours notice to demand the board take a stand. Over 20 community members gave strong and moving testimony emphasizing the importance of our local government taking a stand on international human rights issues, in particular those that impact our local communities.  Among those present were two Bay Area residents who were onboard the Freedom Flotilla.

    There has been overwhelming support for the Board of Supervisors taking a stand on this issue, and we are inspired by their proposal of a resolution to address the concerns and needs of San Francisco communities.  In addition to the many who came to testify in support, over 30 organizations have also endorsed the SF Supervisors taking a stand on such a critical and timely issue.

    There is much more work to be done to get this historic and necessary resolution to pass and we need your support. Please read more for ways to support this resolution.

    In addition to your support, we also ask you to get others to do the same. Spread the word and get confirmations!

    If 800 people can join this humanitarian mission, using their personal funds to join the trip, taking several weeks off of work, and sadly, risking their lives to address the human rights crisis in Gaza, we are asking you to take a few simple actions to support them!

    1. Email/Call the sponsoring/supportive Supervisors and thank them

    (contact info, suggested message and talking points below)

    2. Email/Call other supervisors and urge them to support the resolution.

    (contact info, suggested message and talking points below)

    3. Turn out to the Board of Supervisors hearing on Tuesday June 15th (as early as 2pm, hold the afternoon and we’ll send more specifics)

    4. Make calls within your organizations, friends, and family to attend the June 15th hearing and to call and email supervisors.

    5. To be able to track our efforts, please confirm you’ve have done the following the 4 tasks listed above, by emailing sffreepalestine@gmail.com.

    Thank these supervisors for their leadership in co-sponsoring!

    Sample “thank you” call, email, or fax to Supervisors Avalos, Campos, Daly, and Maxwell:

    (can be used as a script via telephone too):

    Dear Supervisor _____________:

    Thank you for speaking in support of civilians and the pursuit of human rights. Your principled stance gives us continued hope that as a country, and as a community, we will refuse to sit idly by and instead actively support justice and the rights of people everywhere.



    SF District if Applicable

    John Avalos: District 11 – Excelsior, Crocker-Amazon, Ingleside, Merced Heights, Ocean View, Balboa Park

    (415) 554-6975 – Voice

    (415) 554-6979 – Fax


    David Campos: District 9 – Mission, Bernal Heights and Portola neighborhoods

    (415) 554-5144 – voice

    (415) 554-6255 – fax


    Chris Daly: District 6 – South of Market, Tenderloin, North Mission, South Beach & Treasure Island

    (415) 554-7970 – Voice

    (415) 554-7974 – Fax


    Sophie Maxwell: District 10 – Potrero Hill, Bayview-Hunters Point, Visitacion Valley, Portola/Silver Terrace, Dogpatch, Little Hollywood, and Portola districts

    (415) 554-7670 – Voice

    (415) 554-7674 – Fax


    Urge these Supervisors to vote YES on Resolution: “Freedom Flotilla and Gaza Blockade”

    Sample letter or phone script to Supervisors Chiu, Mar, Mirkarimi, Dufty, Chu, Elsbernd, Alioto-Pier:

    Dear Supervisor____________,

    My name is _________ and I am emailing you to express my support for the resolution condemning violence against civilians on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, and to ask you to join a global movement for human rights and vote YES on this resolution.  As you know, the humanitarian crisis in Gaza is one of the worst in the world, and it is our responsibility as Americans to speak out against it, and support those who work to improve conditions for the civilian population.  I am appalled that the Israeli government responded to humanitarian aid workers by attacking in international waters and killing 9 of them and capturing nearly 800 including several Bay Area residents. I urge you to please take a stand and speak out against this violence.



    SF District if Applicable

    David Chiu – Board President: District 3 – North Beach, Chinatown, Telegraph Hill, Russian Hill, Polk Street, Nob Hill, Union Square, Financial District, Barbary Coast and Fisherman’s Wharf

    (415) 554-7450 – Voice

    (415) 554-7454 – Fax


    Eric Mar: District 1 – Richmond

    (415) 554-7410 – Voice

    (415) 554-7415 – Fax


    Ross Mirkarimi: District 5 – Cole Valley, Lower Haight, Western Addition, Haight-Ashbury, parts of Inner Sunset

    (415) 554-7630 – Voice

    (415) 554-7634 – Fax


    Bevan Dufty: District 8 – Noe Valley, The Castro, Glen Park, Diamond Heights, Duboce Triangle, Dolores Park & San Jose / Guerrero, and Buena Vista Heights

    (415) 554-6968 – Voice

    (415) 554-6909 – Fax


    Carmen Chu: District 4 – Sunset

    Voice: (415) 554-7460

    Fax: (415) 554-7432


    Sean Elsbernd: District 7 – Lake Merced, Twin Peaks, Diamond Heights, Outer Sunset

    (415) 554-6516 – Voice

    (415) 554-6546 – Fax


    Michela Alioto-Pier:  District 2 – Marina

    (415) 554-7752 – Voice

    (415) 554-7843 – Fax


    Other talking points:

    1. Attacking civilians, especially aid workers, in international waters is wrong, no matter who is the attacker

    2. Obama is not doing enough to end the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, please pass the resolution to encourage him to take a firm stand

    3. Over 50 congresspersons have signed a letter calling for an end to the blockade

    4. Over 50 countries, along with several international human rights organizations, have condemned the violence.  We would like San Francisco to join in the chorus of voices from all over the world.