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  • AROC Launches Census Campaign!
  • AROC Launches Census Campaign!

    For the Arab community and many communities of color and immigrant communities the Census can be a controversial issue.  For good reason, Arabs and Muslims are hesitant to give our personal information to the government.  And, we STILL don’t have our own racial or ethnic category on the form—come on already, get with the times!

    AROC, alongside Ayadi, and the Arab Cultural and Community Center, is hitting the streets to talk to the Arab community about these tough topics and more.  This year, the Census is only asking for minimal information—probably less than required for any government form—and your information is legally required to be kept strictly confidential and not shared with any government or private agency.

    We’re encouraging all Arabs to check the “Other” box (even though we’re sick of it…) and to please write in ARAB.  It’s important that our community gets counted as a whole Arab community, and not separated into many nationalities or races.  Counting our community can help us fight for more resources and services in our language and that account for our culture and traditions.


    Sponsored by: AROC, ACCC, AYADI

    On March 7th, we’re going to canvass the city of San Francisco and we need your help. This is a great opportunity to engage the community and talk to people in Mosques and Churches, in Stores and restaurants, in parks and community centers.  And, it’s a great way to volunteer to help our community and meet more Arab activists!

    We will be posting Census material to educate people about the benefits and the perceived risks involved in filling out the census. We also want to get the entire Arab population in the U.S. to CHECK OTHER and WRITE IN ARAB, on the census form.??We will also be asking people what they think and need from social service organizations like AROC and survey people’s needs as a community and we will tell people about upcoming events.

    More information: info(at)araborganizing.org