AYO Releases Report on Lack of Arab Representation in Schools

After years of hard work, AYO (Arab Youth Organization) has printed and released their report entitled: “TURATH: Teaching, Understanding, and Representing Arabs Throughout History”.

The TURATH Report (1) documents the findings of a survey conducted among 350 high school students to discover what they do and (in most cases) don’t know about Arab history and culture.  The survey and report ask two main questions 1) How does current public school curriculum affect how youth perceive Arabs, and 2) What is the impact on the Arab community in the Bay Area?  The report lays out findings on the students’ knowledge about Arab history and culture, access to Arab literature, racism towards Arabs and Muslims in schools and text books, and a feeling among Arab students that their culture is “irrelevant”.

The report then makes recommendations for changes at a school district, school, and teacher/staff level that will increase the level of knowledge and understanding of Arab history and culture.  We hope that these recommendations, if implemented, will provide students with a more clear perspective on Arab history, literature, and culture which will help to dispel stereotypes and expressions of racism.

Please make a donation to help AYO continue this work and to make sure that the recommendations are implemented. CLICK HERE. Our goal is to make the information in this report available to as many people as possible.  To order printed copies of the report or to receive a PDF, please order reports through our donation page or email info@araborganizing.org.