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    The Coalition to Stop FBI Repression is a Bay Area coalition organizing to stop FBI repression of anti-war and international solidarity activists. This local coalition is in solidarity with the Minneapolis-based Committee to Stop FBI Repression, online at stopfbi.net.

    The Coalition meets every other Tuesday at 6:30pm. Email info@araborganizing.org for more information and to get involved.

    Stop FBI and Grand Jury Intimidation

    of Palestinian and Anti-war Activists…

    Stand Behind the 23!


    On September 24, 2011 over 70 FBI agents simultaneously raided homes and served subpoenas to prominent antiwar and international solidarity activists in Minneapolis, MN, Chicago, IL, and Grand Rapids, MI.  FBI agents seized documents, computers, cell phones, passports, family photos and artwork.  FBI agents also visited and attempted to question activists in Wisconsin, North Carolina, and California.  14 subpoenas to a federal grand jury in Chicago were issued, ordering the subpoenaed activists to appear before the grand jury in October 2010.  Search warrants and subpoenas indicate that the FBI is looking for evidence related to the “material support of terrorism”. Now, 23 community activists have been subpoenaed to this Grand Jury.



    More info about the case: www.stopFBI.net


    For info about local action, CONTACT: stop.political.repression@gmail.com or 415-861-7444

    Know Your Rights! with Law enforcement, immigration, and at demonstrations.

    Know Your Rights 1 — Hatem Abudayyah from collision course video on Vimeo.

    Know Your Rights 2 — Zahra Billoo from collision course video on Vimeo.