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    Due Process for Immigrant Youth in San Francisco:

    Since January of 2009, AROC has participated as an active member of the San Francisco Immigrant Rights Defense Committee (SFIRDC).  We’ve been working, along with over 30 other organizations, to curb youth deportations in the city of SF.  In 2008, Gavin Newsom changed our city’s policy to make it so that youth under 18 would be referred immediately to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) when they are arrested for a felony charge.  This means that they don’t get to see a judge, a lawyer, or sometimes even their parents before they are sent to ICE and put into deportation procedures.

    Hundreds of individuals from diverse communities came together to fight this and to change this policy so that our youth would get a court hearing before being sentenced to deportation.  And in November of 2009, we won this policy change!

    This campaign continues however, as we’re still working to ensure implementation of this policy.  According to San Francisco law, this policy was to be implemented by the Juvenile Probation Department by February 10, 2010.  Mayor Newsom refuses to implement the policy and follow democratic process, so our organizations and community members continue to fight for due process for immigrant youth.