Immigration Reform and the Military: Our Role as Arab-American Advocates, and The Northern California DREAM Mobilization’s call to action


The Dream Act, also known as The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act—would provide an opportunity for undocumented young people to obtain citizenship by attending college for at least two years or enlisting in the military. Supporters of the federally-proposed act take the side of undocumented youth wishing to receive higher education and a long-awaited chance at citizenship. However, those in opposition say the military portion and conditional residency components make for an unfair bill and leave undocumented youth with a detrimental choice. Continue reading

The Muslim Community Center at Ground Zero: a Manufactured Controversy

Islamic-centerBy ANTHONY DiMAGGIO (from CounterPunch)

A substantial racist uproar is taking place in conservative America, particularly in right-wing radio and television.  Reactionary pundits are drawing increased attention to plans to build an Islamic community center in downtown Manhattan, near Ground Zero.  Republicans and conservatives have long been known to harbor racist views of Islam, although they’re hardly alone in this.   Many on the right frame the entire religion as radical, fundamentalist, and a threat to national security.  In light of this pattern, there’s little surprising about the right’s most recent attack on Muslim Americans as a secret, under the radar threat. Continue reading