Join the National Day of Action: January 25, 2011

jan 25 flier Protest FBI and Grand Jury Repression!

On September 24, the FBI raided seven Chicago and Minneapolis homes of anti-war and international solidarity activists, and 14 activists were subpoenaed to appear before the Grand Jury. All 14 refused to participate.

In December, nine more Palestine solidarity and anti-war activists were subpoenaed to appear before the Grand Jury on January 25, 2011.

Fight U.S. Government Criminalization of Anti-War Activism!

JOIN organizations and individuals around the country to Protest in San Francisco on January 25.

January 25 has been set by the National Committee to Stop FBI Repression s as a nationally-coordinated  protest in as many U.S. cities as possible in solidarity with the 23 antiwar and social justice activists who have been subpoenaed before a Federal Grand Jury in Chicago on charges of “possible” involvement in a conspiracy to aid and abet terrorism.

The government is expected to declare that the 23 activists who have been subpoenaed will be granted “limited immunity.” That is, if they agree to testify, they will supposedly not be prosecuted for remarks to the Grand Jury. They will, in the government’s view, either testify or face contempt of court citations.  Their Fifth Amendments rights thus obliterated, they will likely be severely punished with prison sentences. The 23 have advised government officials that they will not participate in the Grand Jury proceedings.

According to their National Lawyers Guild legal team, they may well be facing years in prison. Several are parents, currently making arrangements for the care of their children should they be jailed.

The 23, like us, are social justice activists who stand with the oppressed and exploited around the world. They stand with the people of Palestine and Colombia and with the oppressed everywhere. The government seeks to associate them with organizations that have been placed on the its list of terrorist organizations, a list akin to the the Attorney General’s list of “subversive” organizations during the 1950’s and ’60’s witchhunt era. Some of the victims are socialists – members of the Freedom Road Socialist Organizations. They are all part of our common fight against U.S. wars, interventions, occupations and plunder. They include leaders, members and supporters of UNAC and attended our founding July 23-25, 2010 Albany, New York. This was an antiwar and social justice conference of 800 activists from 35 states that planned a series of antiwar actions culminating in bi-coastal nationally coordinated April 9 demonstrations in San Francisco and New York.

The 23 are our sisters and brothers in struggle for a world free from oppression.
JOIN US JAN. 25TH 4:30 to 6 p.m. AT THE US Federal Building, 90 – 7th Street San Francisco

For more information contact: Bay Area Committee to Stop Political Repression

Endorsers (partial):

Asian Law Caucus, Arab Resource & Organizing Center, National Lawyers Guild SF, Council on American-Islamic Relations SFBA, Arab American Union Members Council, USPCN, American Friends Service Committee, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Palestine Youth Network, ANSWER Coalition, San Francisco Labor Council, Bay Area Labor Committee for Peace & Justice, American Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, International Solidarity Movement, United National Anti-War Committee, Arab American Cultural Center of Silicon Valley