New Report: Developing Alternatives to Policing in the Arab & Muslim Community

Developing Alternatives to Policing in the Arab & Muslim Community

As an organization committed to building, defending and serving our community, we know that law enforcement targets and criminalizes our people and we cannot rely on them for our safety and well being.  Between 2015 and 2016, AROC partnered with our close ally, Rachel Herzing,  to pilot strategies aimed at decreasing contact with law enforcement among Arab and Muslim residents in Oakland and San Francisco.

The recent period of growth and transition at AROC was an opportune time to help AROC’s staff, leadership, members and community incorporate policies and practices, and build knowledge and skills around reducing contact with law enforcement and other aspects of the prison industrial complex (PIC), and to integrate an anti-PIC analysis into the organization’s mission and vision.  We are now putting these skills into practice with our growing membership and eager to share these valuable tools with our broader community.

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