AROC supports SJP in the face of attacks published by the Daily Cal

AROC supports SJP in the face of attacks published by the Daily Cal

On March 31, 2015 UC Berkeley’s student paper, the Daily Cal, decided to become a vehicle of anti-Black and anti-Palestinian racism. It seems that it isn’t enough that the US government continues to wage wars against people of the Third World, develops policies and practices targeting Palestinians in the US, and works with the the Apartheid State of Israel to ethnically cleanse the indigenous Palestinian population, and to train local law enforcement on how to do the same to Black and Brown communities in the US. No, apparently the Daily Cal feels that they too should contribute to this systemic violence.

The Daily Cal editorial board made a decision to publish an op-ed by well-known slave apologist and racist, David Horowitz targeting Students for Justice in Palestine. There is no need to unpack Horowitz’s baseless arguments attacking Arabs and Palestinians. There is a need, however, to ask why the Daily Cal would choose to prop up such hate and divisiveness? And to allow someone like Horowitz to spew hate while invoking UC Berkeley’s “Principles of Community.”

Surely, Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, Jews, Blacks and all those that Horowitz targets are part of the community that the Daily Cal applies to their principles. Surely war mongering, slavery, apartheid, and genocide are not part of those principles. In 2001, Horowitz ran ads in college newspapers stating that black people should be grateful for slavery and are indebted to America for it. In fact, the Daily Cal was forced to apologize for running this shameful ad at the time. Earlier this year, Horowitz ran an anti-Palestinian poster campaign across the country on college campuses.

And now, the man that the Southern Poverty Law Center has called the “Godfather” of the anti-Muslim movement in the US, is given space in UC Berkeley’s student paper to incite hate and violence. All the while, the Daily Cal consistently censors op-eds by SJP or pro-Palestinian students.

As an organization that works to challenge state violence against our communities, we hold the Daly Cal accountable for the perpetuation of systemic racism against Arabs, Palestinians, Muslims and all those who stand for justice and liberation of Palestine. And we specifically hold the Daly Cal responsible for creating a divisive and harmful environment for Students for Justice in Palestine at UC Berkeley.

We call on people to continue to support the work of Students for Justice in Palestine and to hold institutions accountable for the repression of all movements for liberation and justice.