Solidarity Actions with the People of Egypt

mubarak outToday Mubarak has been forced out of presidency. We must continue to stand by the Egyptian people to force out the entire Mubarak regime and usher in a truly popular and democratic leadership. We honor those who have ushered in this revolution through their years of struggle for liberation in the Arab world, reaching a peak these past 18 days. We honor Tunisia’s inspiration, and we look to the future to follow in these footsteps for the liberation of all people.

STAND IN SOLIDARITY IN SAN FRANCISCOThe Egyptian liberation movement has declared February 11th a national martyr’s day. We will stand with them, hold our hands in prayer, and tell their stories.

Our primary objective is to support the unified demands of the Egyptian people:

1. Immediate end to Egyptian state violence against civilian protesters, journalists and human rights group; immediate release of political prisoners.

2. Immediate and orderly transition of power from Mubarak to an interim government.

3. Dissolving parliament and forming an interim national unity committee from all spectra.

4. Elect a new parliament as soon as possible through fair and free elections.

5. Revising the Egyptian constitution, primarily to allow for: a) guarantee political freedoms and equity; b) limit number of presidential terms.

6. The Egyptian people have the right to choose their own leaders.

SPREAD THE WORD and INVITE YOUR FRIENDS PLEASE COME DRESSED IN RED, BLACK, and WHITE BRING BLACK/WHITE SIGNS AND BALLOONS ====================================================================================

Friday 2/11/2011. 5pm.
EMERGENCY PROTEST in solidarity with the Egyptian Revolution.
UN Plaza. San Francisco.
Saturday 2/12/2011. 1pm.
SOLIDARITY VIGIL in memory of the martyrs of the Egyptian Revolution.
Civic Center. San Francisco.