Eman Desouky

Eman is a U.S. born Afro Arab who’s ancestors called the Nile Delta home for centuries. Alexandria, Egypt, and Oakland, California are currently the places she call “home”.

Eman has been an activist, cultural worker, and entrepreneur in the Bay Area for over 20 years. Some of you may also know her as DJ Emancipation. She does a little writing, you can read some of her work on Mizna. Raising a young child to be a good human also keeps her busy. 522 Valencia, where AROC is housed, has been her political home (since her days working with AROC’s predecessor ADC-SF and the Center for Political Education back in the early 2000s) and she is proud and thrilled to return to the building as the new Resource Mobilizer for AROC to help AROC build power and thrive!