What is Happening with Ethnic Studies in CA?

Critical analysis of the CA Dept of Education revisions to the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum and erasure of Arab American and Pacific Islander Studies, from the perspectives of founders, experts, and writers:

-Nesbit Crutchfield – Director of the Bay Area Venceramos Brigade, Veteran of the 1968 Black Student Union Student Strike
-Theresa Montaño – Professor, CSUN Chicana/o Studies, CFA caucus chair
-Aimee Riechel – SFUSD Curriculum & Instruction specialist
-Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales, Ph.D. – Professor of Asian American Studies/College of Ethnic Studies
-Samia Shoman – Palestinian-American High School Educator and Administrator
Moderated by Lara Kiswani, AROC