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  • VOTE on November 2nd! October 18th is the Last Day to Register
  • VOTE on November 2nd! October 18th is the Last Day to Register


    How to Register:

    US Citizens over the age of 18 and who are not on parole for a felony charge are able to vote.  If you are eligible, you can get a form to register at your local post office or library.  Your form must be turned in by October 18th to vote in this election.

    Here are some of the important issues from this November’s Ballot, be sure to download full version or call our office to receive a printed copy.


    Proposition E: Same Day Voter Registration: YES

    If passed, Prop E would extend the voter registration deadline to the day of elections, only when the issues and elections are local.  This will be great for our communities because it will extend the time and opportunity for citizens to register to vote.  It will also benefit first-time voters who are more likely to register on the day of an election.

    Proposition L: Sit Lie Ordinance: NO

    Proposition L makes it a crime to sit or lie on public sidewalks between 7am and 11pm.  This Proposition would result in increased arrest of youth, immigrants, homeless people, and day laborers.  The people targeted by this Proposition need more social services, charging them with crimes will only perpetuate the problem.


    Measure X: City of Oakland Parcel Tax: NO

    $360 parcel tax to property owners to go towards more police officers in Oakland.  As many Oakland residents are facing foreclosures, this tax increase will be hard for many low-moderate income families to pay on top of their other home taxes.  Also, half the amount of this parcel tax ($180) could be passed from the landlord to make renters pay!  We need our local taxes to go to more social services, not more police.


    Proposition 20: Congressional Redistricting: YES

    Would make it so that a citizen committee is created to draw congressional district lines, rather than politicians.  Currently, California’s Congressional Representatives determine the state’s districts, which helps ensure their re-election by dividing areas to benefit their vote.  This Proposition creates greater democracy by authorizing a citizen committee, that is representative of the state’s demographics, to re-draw the Congressional district lines after each 10 year Census.

    Proposition 24: Eliminates 3 Large Tax Breaks: YES

    Prop 24 would eliminate 3 of the major tax breaks from which corporations in California profit.  This proposition would help to increase revenue for social services to the State of California, not by taxing families and working people, but instead by taxing the large corporations that are profiting off of workers. This could increase state revenue by $1.7 billion.