Arab Youth Organizing (AYO)

In 2008, AROC found Arab Youth Organizing to empower young people and low-income families in the city.

If you want to get involved or have any questions, please email Sharif Zakout, AYO! Program Coordinator

What we’ve done:

  • We presented at the 2012, 2011, and 2010 Annual Bay Area Ethnic Studies Conference at SFSU and at the 2012 Teachers for Social Justice Conference.
  • AYO developed surveys to answer the question: How does racist curriculum and lack of Arab histories and narratives in schools affect how youth perceive Arabs, and what is the impact on the Arab community in the Bay Area? From those surveys, AYO collected over 350 with responses to questions like this, and developed a report on our findings.
  • We published our T.U.R.A.T.H. report back from the survey that we have conducted and are currently distributing to key stake holders.
  • AYO also also participated inworkshops about the Palestinian Right of Return
  • AYO Also created a Workshop and presented them for the Building Solidarity with the Arab Spring at UCB
  • We have also participated at UCSC 9TH Annual Practical Activism Conference, having a workshop about the Arab Spring, the role of Social Networking and Media, and the role that youth played in this amazing resistance.
  • We have also conducted workshops at different High Schools in the Bay Area, in the rise of the Arab Spring, and how that affected students living in the diaspora.
  • We are in collaboration with other Youth Programs in the Bay Area, such as Youth Together and the Ethnic Studies Department at Balboa High School.
  • AYO is also in collaboration with the Zeit Wa Zatar Campaign between AROC and ACCC
  • AYO members worked with AROC members and other activists to help lead and organize protests for Gaza in 2009.
  • We testified in front of the Board of Supervisors Public Safety Committee about SF Police Department protocol at protests and abuse of power.
  • AYO members attended the US Popular Conference in Chicago in 2008, co-organized a gathering with the Arab American Action Network for Arab youth, and presented a workshop on systems of oppression.