Public Forums and Socials!

AROC has started a rotating schedule of Social/Potluck events and Public Forums! They will be on the first Thursdays of the month and rotate from a Public Forum to a Social/Potluck the next month. We have had three successful Public Forums so far, the first on Syria, the second on Yemen, and the most recent on Libya. We have consistent themes, and analysis that builds from each event, and attempts to focus in on a particular struggle, while considering geopolitical context and regional influences. AROC is working to create a balance in community-lead discussion on issues most intimately affecting people, while presenting on social and labor movements and analyzing historical forces that led us to the moment at hand.

Next month on March 7th, we will have a Social/Potluck to celebrate International Women’s Day!

Join us at 6:30 pm for an evening of food and live music celebrating Arab women in struggle.

It will be at 518 Valencia St, The Eric Quezada Center for Culture and Politics.