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ayopicAROC members are involved in many things. In order to account for and support all the different projects, coalitions, and ongoing work folks have their hands in, we have created Committees. The monthly membership meeting will now focus on a different Committee each time—that way we can really highlight the political education around that work in addition to practical workshops that move that work forward. We wrote up a Committee list and translated it. The English version is below. For the Arabic version, click the link.

This month the meeting is dedicated to THE COALITION FOR A SAFE SAN FRANCISCO (C4SSF)

If you are interested in attending, please contact us first.

Here is a look at the agenda:

  • Updates & Questions: What is the Safe San Francisco Civil Rights Ordinance?
  • Workshop on city government processes and procedures: How does an ordinance get passed?
  • Political Education: The local problem and the national problem
  • Community outreach plan: What does this mean for our community?
  • Upcoming events & actions. Choose the Committee focus for next general meeting




IMMIGRANT RIGHTS AROC provides free immigration services, and engages in Immigrant Rights organizing. Stand up for immigrants!  Help with Know Your Rights workshops, Immigrant Family Day, Immigration Integration Project, and other coalition work opposing hostile immigration laws like Secure Communities.
AYO! Arab Youth Organization is made up of Arab youth ages 14-22 from all over the Bay Area who engage in political education, skill building, and organizing. AYO! meets every Friday from 4:30 to 6:30. Adult membership volunteer opportunities include tutoring, providing rides, chaperoning, curriculum development, and outreach.
ARABIC LANGUAGE CLASS Every Monday at 6:30 in the AROC offices, an Arabic language class is offered for Arab Heritage Learners to improve upon their Arabic conversational skills.  Ultimately, our aim is to be able to conduct an Arabic language exchange with others who want to learn English as well.  All Arabs are welcome to join, and there are opportunities for those interested in teaching as well. – Ahlan wa sahlan!
COALITION FOR A SAFE SAN FRANCISCO (C4SSF) The Coalition for a Safe San Francisco is a growing alliance dedicated to protecting the civil rights in the face of national security policy attacks on our communities. Committee opportunities include facilitating workshops, attending community/city hearings, outreach, and design.
BAY AREA COMMITTEE TO STOP POLITICAL REPRESSION (BACSPR) The Bay Area Committee to Stop Political Repression has come together in defense of the 24 activists and organizers in Minneapolis, Chicago, and LA who were visited by the FBI and given grand jury summons for their political activism, including Palestine solidarity activism. Involvement includes facilitating workshops to partner organizations and organizing demonstrations or rallies.
ZEIT & ZA’ATAR Zeit and Za’atar refers to the Arab culinary combination of olive oil and herbs, a union which enhances the power of each component, just like the union of Arts and Social Justice! This project uses a series of workshops and performances to build understanding, cultural appreciation, and artistic skills in our communities. Involvement needs are helping organize the next activity in the series!
LANGUAGE ACCESS CAMPAIGN AROC Membership is building a campaign to ensure the right to services and basic necessities regardless of immigration status and language. We are asking Arab community members what barriers they have faced in city agencies, locations, or existing translation procedures (hospitals, housing, schools, Language Line, 311, forms, etc). Ways to plug in include research, site visits, community outreach, attending meetings, etc.
GRASSROOTS FUNDRAISING AROC relies on support from staff and volunteers to help raise money to run all or our programs!  We need your help in reaching out to our community for grassroots donations so that we can be a truly community-led organization.  Join our grassroots fundraising team!
DECOLONIZE/OCCUPY Members of Arab and Muslim communities have been participating in the Oakland encampment and the organizing work around it. We participate because we oppose an economic system which allows corporations to profit over people and perpetuate wars against our home countries. Join us in planning actions, translating documents, attending the General Assemblies, writing blog posts to report back on events, etc.
POPULAR UPRISINGS Through protests and events, we have seen local communities empowered by popular uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa. Long term initiatives related to “Decolonize/Occupy” include a targeted campaign against US corporations that profit off the use of tear gas canisters sent to Egypt. Volunteer to support actions, help with security, make signs, coordinate logistics, etc.
PALESTINE AROC members are involved in various projects around Palestine support work. One of which is the Bay Area Campaign to End Israeli Apartheid (BACEIA), which focuses on Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions work. Another is the Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM). There is always support needed in research, communication, and outreach

AROC Committees – Arabic

Become and AROC Member! In AROC, general members are the base of the organization. The organization exists to mobilize and organize for the needs of the base, and to shift the systems of power that prevent those needs from being met.