Join AROC on May 1st at 3pm March for Immigrant Rights

may day 2011Militarism abroad and a growing police state internal to the US have been fueled by an increasingly an anti-immigrant, Islamophobic, and racist climate domestically. This has resulted in increasingly repressive laws policing immigrant communities, militarization of the border, the swelling of prison and immigrant detention populations, intense surveillance and racial profiling, and a general stripping away of rights.  Poor people, immigrants, and people of color have been the primary targets of these attacks.  On Tuesday, May 1st, people will stand up around the world for worker rights, and in the US we will again put a special focus on migrant communities.  JOIN AROC IN AN ARAB, AFRICAN, MIDDLE EASTERN, MUSLIM, AND SOUTH ASIAN CONTINGENT, AS WE HIGHLIGHT THE IMPACTS OF MILITARISM AND POLICING ON MIGRANT AND WORKER COMMUNITIES.  Continue reading for more information.

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