March and Community Forum: The War on Yemen and the Struggle for Self Determination

Saturday, May 16th
12pm, UN Plaza

No to the War on Yemen!
No to Foreign Intervention!
Yes to self determination of the Yemeni people!

Stop the massacres and the Saudi bombing.

Sunday, May 24th
2pm, 518 Valencia St., San Francisco

A community forum on the social, political, and humanitarian impact of the US-Saudi war on Yemen.

As’ad Abukhalil
Ashwak Hauter
Adel Folly

With the support of the United States, a Saudi led coalition is waging a war on Yemen. The US is providing weapons, intelligence, and logistical support along with drone attacks. As a result, Yemen is facing a catastrophic humanitarian disaster. Many of the Bay Area community’s loved ones are at the receiving end of these bombings.

Join us for a discussion on the Saudi-led war and the ways for us to support Yemeni self determination.

Event will be bilingual in English and Arabic. Interpretation will be provided.