Nov 2: General Strike and Day of Action in Oakland

strike flyerPlease click title to see SCHEDULE FOR NOVEMBER 2nd Oakland Actions:

Note all events start at Frank Ogawa/Oscar Grant (OG) Plaza at City Hall (14th and Broadway) unless otherwise noted (e.g. children’s events).


9am – Rally & Press Conference

9:55am – “I Will Survive…Capitalism” flashmob – (join us!

10am – March and Bank Actions/Mobilization

11 am – Rally at Laney College, March to OUSD and then to OG Plaza*


12 noon – Children’s Gathering/ Family Bike/Stroller Brigade, starts @ Oakland Public Library (main branch) and march to OG plaza

12 noon – Rally & Press Conference

12-2pm – Lunch served by the People’s Grocery, Farm to Table, Food First and others

12:30 pm- Bank Actions/Mobilization (note – different targets than 9am)

2pm – Disability & Seniors Action Brigade – short march, sit-in, teach-in (meet @ north/rt side of cityhall)*

2pm – Anti-Capitalism March

3pm – Family Bike/Stroller Brigade, includes art party, storytime, and mama’s mic; starts @ Oakland Public Library (main branch)*

3-4:30 pm – Youth Teach-in @oakland public library (main branch)


5pm – Rally & LABOR COOK-OUT

5:30pm – Disability & Seniors Action Brigade – transport to Port of Oakland*

7pm- Action to shut down PORT of Oakland (march leaves Plaza around 5pm)

* Contact Info for Non-OG Plaza Events

Children’s March & Family Bike/Stroller Brigade: Kevin at or Gopal at

Disability March/Actions:  Disability Contact CUIDO (Communities United in Defense of Olmstead) at 510-686-3139 or at or

Laney College Action: or 917-881-5994.



Nov. 2nd General Strike Youth Teach-In
We HELLA Mobbin for the 99%

Do you know someone who is tired of struggling to look for work?  Are you mad about going to a school that’s underfunded?  Are you confused about what’s happening on Nov 2nd and need a safe space to learn about the general strike and walk outs!  Are you a youth, community member or teacher in Oakland and looking for a safe place to send youth on Nov 2nd? For all students, teachers and community members looking for a safe space to engage your students this is the place to be.  Come out to the youth teach in.

When: Nov 2nd 3:00pm-4:30ish

Where: Main Library in West Auditorium, Madison Street Side,
125 14th Street Oakland CA 94612

Why:  To make sense of why people are striking and walking out, understanding our current struggles of the 99% and building with other youth and community members to build a powerful long lasting and hella fly movement.

Teach in Goals

o Understand the struggles of the 99% and how it’s connected to systemic issues.

o Connect this historical moment to global actions around the world.

o Connect with other youth in the bay area to – share stories, show how they are affected by this system and build a long lasting social justice and united movement

For more information please contact Vay Hoang, AYPAL VOYCE organizer 510.698.3838 x703 or




Occupy G-20 ~ San Francisco Action

Thursday, November 3 – 11 AM @ Occupy San Francisco

101 Market Street, San Francisco

Background: As leaders of the G-20 nations meet in France, join with nurses, labor, students and community activists and be part of the global actions. Demand Wall Street pay for the devastation they’ve caused to our communities. A Wall Street Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) can raise up to $350 billion  per year in the U.S. to provide living wage jobs, guaranteed healthcare, a secure retirement for all, quality public education, good housing and protection from hunger. European workers want the benefits of the FTT in  their own countries as well. November 3rd, join the SFLC, nurses and the international community to  tell Congress and economic policy makers in Washington: TAX WALL STREET! Spread the word by passing on this flier.

For more information contact Pilar Schiavo at or check out  Check out our Web site:


Rally at Occupy Oakland and March to Wells Fargo Detention Center

Saturday, November 5 · 10 am – 3 pm

Meet at Occupy Oakland

Background: The most marginalized people within the 99% are fed up and we are calling for an occupation of Wells Fargo Detention Center in Downtown Oakland just a few yards away from the Occupy Oakland Camp.   Wells Fargo Detention Center (AKA Bank) has been making Billions of dollars investing in Immigrant Detention Centers (AKA Concentration Camps) and at the same time they invest aggressively in anti-immigrant lobbying to pass laws like Arizona’s SB 1070 which fill those camps with undocumented profit.

67 Sueños is a collective of undocumented youth and allies that refuse to be passive about the violence done to our community.  We call on the 99% to stand with your most marginalized brothers, sisters and gender neutrals. We call on the Bay Area immigrants rights movement to support our efforts to target the main profiteers of our people’s pain.  We call on Occupy Oakland to make this big bank a stones throw away one of your key targets in solidarity with our struggle. For more info on the connection between Wells Fargo and the terrorizing of migrant people without papers see:

The People United, Will never be Defeated!