ACTION ALERT:  Support Arab Studies in CA Ethnic Studies Curriculum

Support Arab Studies in CA Ethnic Studies Curriculum

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We need you to take action right now. 
In the new ethnic studies curriculum being proposed for the state of California, Arab Americans are identified as a specific marginalized group with a number of sample curriculum on Arab studies for educators to use in their public school classrooms. In a time of growing anti-Arab and anti-Muslim racism, recognizing Arab experience, history and culture as part of the broader ethnic studies curriculum is a great advancement towards social justice, a pillar of ethnic studies.

We have until August 15th to submit public comment in support of the inclusion of Arab American studies! Already Islamophobic and racist comments have been made in an attempt to rollback this achievement. Will you take a few minutes to submit your public comment today? See below for details.


  1. Download the public input form here.
  2. Submit your public comment in support of Arab studies. Please see sample texts below.
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  • I support the inclusion of Arab American studies as part of the ethnic studies curriculum in California. As referenced on page 1, Arabs and Pacific Islanders are particularly marginalized communities that are not well represented in current course offerings. 
  • I support the objectives listed on page 233 which clearly outline the benefits of teaching the diverse history of Arabs and Arab Americans as a way to challenge xenonophobia and discrimination and to create a welcoming environment for marginalized students. 
  • Including a history of migration to the US (page 236) is necessary for any marginalized community, and in particular for Arab Americans at this time. Teaching this history will help create a bridge between migrant communities and celebrate a rich history of a growing population.