Entrapment and Racialization: The “Homegrown” Canard

Article reposted from Jadaliyya, By Eric Love.  A new report out today from New York University School of Law’s Center for Human Rights and Global Justice (CHRGJ) describes how American counterterrorism efforts have singled out Muslim Americans by “sending paid, trained informants into mosques and Muslim communities.” The report finds that more than 200 people have been prosecuted in terrorism-related cases – cases which have been proudly trumpeted as hallmarks of a successful counterterrorism program. Recently, however, questions about police entrapment have become more urgent. CHRGJ speaks with former FBI agents, lawmakers, and advocacy organizations who all worry that the police are creating their own “homegrown” terrorism plots, “foiling” them for the cameras, and sending Muslim Americans to prison. This report arrives at a very timely moment, as a controversy over a “sting” operation like those described in the report is unfolding right now.

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