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This year started with a strong cry coming from the masses of Arab nations…

Ash-shab yurid isqat an-nizam”

“The People Want to Overturn the System.”  The cry rang out from Tunisia, to Egypt, around the world, reverberating on Wall Street in the belly of the beast, then Oakland and San Francisco.
At AROC, 2011 also started with a jolt.  We hit the streets to show solidarity with our brothers and sisters standing up for a change in our home countries, and to insist that the people be able to protest freely without fear of state violence.  Now, we are ending the year demanding economic and social justice in our backyards, participating in Decolonize Oakland and “Occupy” San Francisco.  And in turn Cairo has stood in solidarity with Oakland.

As with all of our programs, we pour our hearts into these protests.  But we understand that this kind of radical change doesn’t happen overnight.

So we’re asking you to please donate today so that AROC can continue this work beyond tomorrow and long into the future.

Taking inspiration from across the Arab nations, AROC is building towards a vision of radical change while we continue the important work of providing much needed immigration services, advocating for local policy reforms, empowering and organizing youth and adults, all the while building stronger ties with other allied communities.

AROC has received donations from 63 people this year! On behalf of AROC’s Collective, I offer heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all those who have donated this year.  And I’m asking you to please join these supporters.

Help AROC raise 36 donations to meet our 2011 goal of
99 Donations from the 99%!

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Thanks again for all your support for AROC and our shared struggles.

Here’s to another revolutionary year in 2012,

Lily Haskell
Program Director
On behalf of AROC