New Membership Coordinator and Membership Meeting Notes


Hello! My name is Miriam Zouzounis and I am the new AROC Membership Coordinator. I have been a life-long resident and active community member of the SF Bay area and am especially enthused with AROC’s goal to activate certain demographics of our community (immigrant, working class, youth, etc) and make social and political initiatives accessible to everyone. I look forward to organizing with you all towards building a conscious, mobilized and safe community.

Membership Meeting Notes

In our last membership meeting we discussed what the recent elections results means for our community. The AROC Voter Guides were considered successful, and an idea of holding a community forum with local  elected officials was proposed.

The Coalition for Safe SF is following-up the Hearing at the Human Rights Commission by going to the Police Commission in the next couple of weeks requesting a change to the process by which audits on police investigations are screened, and other safeguards for all communities.  Be ready to mobilize again and keep the pressure on– more information about this coming soon!

Upcoming Events and Opportunities to Get Plugged-In

Palestinian Youth Network Events

·        “The Only Peace that Israel Wants is the Last Piece of Palestine: The Liberation of Our Land and People is Non-Negotiable” Nov. 29th Boalt Hall, UC Berkeley, 7pm

·        PYN is also taking the lead on planning a Gaza Commemoration December 27th. Reach out if interested in planning and participation by contacting AROC.

AIPAC coming to Oakland and San Francisco

·        Evenings of December 13th (Monday) in Oakland at the Marriott and Dec. 14th in San Francisco at the Fairmont

·        Planning process for public demonstration under way. To get involved email or call AROC and we will provide what updates we have.

An LGBTQ Event — Aswat and Al Qaws Tour

·        Two Palestinian LGBTQ organizations are coming to the Bay Area during the second week of February. We hope to organize a private meet and greet with local activists, a speaking event, and a dance party.

·        WE NEED HELP WITH THESE EVENTS: Folks can help secure co-sponsors, venues, publicity, etc.


·        We need brainstorming and contributions for a December AROC Newsletter! Articles, photos, event calendar, news highlights, etc.

·        Some ideas proposed include a report back of the US Social Forum, description of Aswat/Al Qaws tour, and Immigrant Rights updates