Sharing Resources on Uprisings in Arab Countries

twitterHere are some resources compiled by an AROC leader related to the uprisings.

What’s happening in Tunisia?

What’s happening in Egypt?

Translated phone-calls from the people of Egypt, including updates and exclusive interviews (in 5 parts) with Wa’el Ghonim, the Google exec and Egyptian expat who was kidnapped for helping the youth of Egypt communicate to the outside world about the events leading up to the January 25th protests

Arab politics, culture, economics and art – you can definitely find some great articles, and it has good updates.

Updated and live blog starting on January 28th.

Al Jazeera has done an amazing job of covering the Revolution and keepin it televised 24-7.  Here you can see live television, blogs etc.

The role of Imperialism, Colonialism, and Global Capitalism in this Revolution and others!

If you are someone who uses Twitter…Then I recommend following Arabs!  @htgamal @lovethepeople @3arabawy  @monaeltahawy

this is democracy!

egyptian people have an amazing sense of humor (in case you aren’t blessed to have any in your life that remind you frequently 😉    ….. an exorcism in tahrir square to get mubarak out!

Amazing photos and videos – this is a Revolution of the Youth!

Egypt’s Martyrs.  Up to 300 people who have given their lives for freedom. Allah yer7amhoom.

A powerful video of the Friday morning prayer, which was followed by over 1 million people turning out in Ta7rir Square.  Christians also linked arms to protect Muslims as they prayed.

An online exhibit displaying art from around the world in support of the recent uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East.

music inspired by the revolution: