Solidarity with the Haiyan Survivors

NAFCON is a national multi-issue alliance of Filipino organizations and individuals in the United States serving to protect the rights and welfare of Filipinos by fighting for social, economic, and racial justice and equality.  To support the Haiyan survivors, we encourage friends and allies to send donations to NAFCON.  See below for details.


As we close off 2013, we wish you all the best of the holiday season.  As we gather with family and friends, I hope we can also remember our Filipino sisters and brothers in the Philippines who are in dire need of our support and solidarity.  We know the devastation in the Philippines hits home to many of our Filipino members, co-workers, and friends.

Please join us in making a tax-deductable donation to help provide relief and support to the survivors of Super-typhoon Haiyan as they struggle to rebuild their lives.

One month after Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, there continues to be a significant need for relief and rehabilitation in Leyte, Panay, and other islands. The death toll has risen to over 6,000 people and 4 million Filipinos remain displaced. Tacloban City and hundreds more towns and rural areas in the Philippines have been devastated, destroying infrastructure that delivers basic services like water and sanitation, and leaving entire communities to struggle for survival.

It will take years to recover from this disaster and as news coverage wanes and international emergency efforts scale back their missions,the Filipino Community Center, NAFCON, and Taskforce Haiyan is committed to continue the people-to-people efforts needed for sustainable recovery.

In the last week of November, their community-based partners in the Philippines,  including unions and workers organizations reached over 29,000 families in Samar, Leyte and other typhoon affected provinces delivering relief packs of food and water, administering medical care, and providing power.

This week, caravans of volunteers from the north and south are returning for the holidays.   Another team from southern Mindanao is currently on their way to eastern Visayas to deliver 5,000 relief packs to serve approximately 25,000 people. More relief operations are also set to leave in the coming weeks.Please support their efforts by donating now and joining a relief mission in the new year.