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rasmeaCommunity film screening & discussion to build support for Rasmea Odeh

A Palestinian woman, Rasmea Odeh, was arrested at her home on the morning of Oct. 22, by agents of the Department of Homeland Security for allegedly not mentioning that she had been arrested and tortured by the state of Israel. As a along time Palestinian activist and community organizer, the targeting of Rasmea is a part of an ongoing campaign to criminalize progressive Palestine activism in the US.

Rasmea’s work as the Associate Director of the Arab American Action Network made her a leading organizer in the women’s movement in Chicago.

The documentary film, Women in Struggle was made close to a decade ago.  It follows the story of 4 Palestinian women, including Rasmea Odeh, that were tortured in Israeli prisons.  45 years later, Rasmea is still being targeted for her political activism.  Join us for a discussion on her case and its implications for our work.

Monday, December 9, 2013


518 Valencia Street, San Francisco

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