ZIM Backs Down

ZIM Backs Down

May 17, 2021

Amidst a rising tide of actions in solidarity with Palestine, and the Arab Resource & Organizing Center’s call to a boycott the apartheid-profiteering ZIM shipping company, ZIM decided not to dock its ship at the Port of Oakland.

Apartheid Israel’s largest and oldest cargo shipping company was planning to come back to Oakland after protests successfully stopped ZIM ships from docking in 2014. ZIM hasn’t returned since. Upon learning that ZIM was going to attempt to return to Oakland, we called on communities across the Bay Area to get ready to mobilize to the Port of Oakland to Block the Boat again. In fear of facing our protest, ZIM decided to avoid Oakland altogether, and is headed down the coast to Los Angeles. 

We have sent a powerful message that the Bay Area will stand strong against Zionism, apartheid, and any business that is complicit with Israel’s colonization of Palestine. This victory comes on the heels of powerful demonstrations of solidarity, including massive rallies in cities all over the world and Italian dock workers refusing to handle Israeli cargo. We will continue to monitor ZIM’s moves to ensure that it does not return to the Bay Area, and will be ready to act if it does. 

Sign up to the alert-system by texting your name to 181BLOCKZIM (1-812-562-5946).